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Paul Bailey and David Hall, who have now been business partners for over 20 years, formed Bailey Hall in 1992. Bailey Hall became Fundworks Limited in the year 2000 and Gordon McNeil was pleased to join the business in 2009 and is now the third Director.


Between the three Directors there is a total of over 66 years combined experience in the Financial Services Industry. During 2011 we added Paul Goddard to our team. Paul has considerable experience as an Adviser, with over 22 years in the industry.Although we are based in Sheffield, Fundworks Limited has clients throughout the UK.


The financial services industry is going through major changes and we as a company aim to be at the forefront of these changes.


This has meant ensuring that all our advisers are qualified to the required industry standard, which means we have demonstrated our commitment to maintaining high standards of advice in financial planning. We also have invested in technology and support staff to ensure we get the best possible support for our clients throughout the business.

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